Addy Osmani

Engineering leader and senior thinker
Addy Osmani is an Irish Software Engineer and leader currently working on the Google Chrome web browser. He has worked at Google for over eleven years, focused on making the web fast and better for users and web developers. He previously worked at AOL and on Fortune 500 sites. Addy is the of a number of books including Learning JavaScript Design Patterns, Learning Patterns, Stoic Mind and Image Optimization. You can find him on LinkedIn, Twitter or TikTok. He's given over 170 talks worldwide.


Building large-scale web apps

by Addy Osmani

JS Patterns: 2nd Edition

by Addy Osmani

Learning Patterns

by Lydia Hallie and Addy Osmani

Success at Scale

by Addy Osmani

Effective Eng. Teams

by Addy Osmani

Developer Experience

by Addy Osmani

The Stoic Mind

by Addy & GoLimitless

SoftEng - The Soft Parts

by Addy Osmani

Image Optimization

by Addy Osmani

JS Design Patterns

by Addy Osmani

Featured: SM Book 4

by Addy Osmani

Backbone Applications

by Addy Osmani

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  1. Current projects

    I am the engineering lead for Google Chrome's Developer Experience organization. Our projects include Chrome DevTools, Lighthouse, PageSpeed Insights and Chrome User Experience Report, Aurora and WordPress Performance. We recently shipped User Flows for DevTools and Lighthouse!. I also love side-projects.

  2. Open-source

    Projects I've contributed to include Lighthouse, Workbox, Quicklink, Guess.js, Yeoman, HNPWA, TodoMVC, Critical and Material Design Lite. You can find more on GitHub.

  3. Podcasts

    I have been on a few different podcasts recently, including PodRocket, Hanselminutes with Scott Hanselman, DevDiscuss and Smashing Podcast.

  4. Talks

    Recordings of my talks are on my YouTube channel. These include Optimize the Core Web Vitals and Cost Of JavaScript. You can find some of my slides on SpeakerDeck.

  5. Blog

    My latest blog posts can be found on my profile. My last post on here was: Hands-on Gemini 1.5 Pro with AI Studio: Images, Video, Text & Code

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