Life Lessons

A keynote given at SmashingConf SF 2022 where I was the mystery guest speaker

I've worked at Google for 10 years and have recently been thinking a lot about life lessons. Life Lessons come from self-reflection. When we reflect on what we’ve learned or the mistakes we’ve made, it allows us to apply those learnings to our daily lives. Without this, these ideas can end up fleeting and fade away.

Self-reflection can be powerful During the pandemic, I thought a lot about life lessons. What were mine? What would others say if I asked them about theirs?. This began a two-year project where I asked some well-known names to self-reflect. What were the lessons that stuck with them over time? Often, this was the first time they had been asked this question.

In this talk, many life lessons will be covered that could be valuable. Whether you're an engineer, designer, product manager or otherwise, I think you'll get something out of it.