1. Current projects

    I lead a Speed team on Google Chrome trying to make the web fast. We recently celebrated 10 years of Speed. See The Cost Of JavaScript or Priorities in Chrome for some of the problems we tackle.

  2. Open-source

    Projects I've contribute to include Lighthouse, Workbox, Guess.js, Yeoman, HNPWA, TodoMVC, Critical and Material Design Lite. You can find more on GitHub.

  3. Books I've written

    This year I published my Essential Image Optimization book online for free. I've also written Learning JavaScript Design Patterns and Backbone.js Apps. They are both published with O'Reilly.

  4. YouTube Show

    Last year I shot season 4 of Totally Tooling Tips with Matt Gaunt. It has unicorns!.

  5. Talks

    Recordings of my talks are on my YouTube channel. My last talk in 2018 was The Cost Of JavaScript keynote at Fluent. You can find my talks on Lanyrd and slides on SpeakerDeck.

  6. Blog

    My latest blog posts can be found on my Medium channel. My last post on here was: The Cost Of Client-side Rehydration