1. Current projects

    I work on Web Performance with Chrome at Google. We aim to get websites loading quickly on mobile, including Progressive Web Apps. See The Cost Of JavaScript or Priorities in Chrome for some of the problems we tackle.

  2. Open-source

    I lead Workbox, help Lighthouse and created Yeoman, HNPWA, TodoMVC, Critical and Material Design Lite. In 2017, we shipped PWA support for React, Preact and Vue. You can find more on GitHub.

  3. Books I've written

    This year I published my Essential Image Optimization book online for free. I've also written Learning JavaScript Design Patterns and Backbone.js Apps. They are both published with O'Reilly.

  4. YouTube Show

    I've just finished shooting season 4 of Totally Tooling Tips with Matt Gaunt. It has unicorns!.

  5. Talks

    You can find my talks on Lanyrd and slides on SpeakerDeck. Many of my recorded talks are on my YouTube channel. In 2017, I spoke at JSConf, Fluent, FFConf, Chrome Dev Summit and other confs.

  6. Blog

    My latest blog post can be found on my Medium channel. You might be interested in my Progressive Web Apps with React series.