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jQuery Performance Tips And Tricks - A Free 30 Minute Talk

January 18, 2011


Hey guys. Today we're going to take a look at best practices, tips and tricks for improving the performance of your jQuery code. Performance optimization is a crucial aspect of building 'snappy' client-side applications and something which all developers using jQuery should bare in mind.

The reason for this is that depending on how you approach writing your code or addressing the behavior you're after, you may not be getting all of the 'instant' or 'easy' perf wins that following best practices have to offer. To help, I recorded you a free 30 minute talk on this topic and you can now watch it online, stream or download it in a format of your choice below.




I wanted to record this talk because I felt that there will still a number of both obvious (and occasionally less-well understood) concepts which intermediate jQuery developers could benefit with having explained or highlighted.

We see a lot of online performance guides that encourage you to use 'selector X over Y', but not too many explain the reasoning behind this or go into more detail - hopefully this talk will assist in taking your knowledge of some of the more optimal ways of coding in jQuery just that little bit further : )

If you find the talk useful please feel free to share it with your friends or colleagues by clicking on the 'reweet' button at the bottom of the post. I hope it helps!.

PS: If there are additional performance best practices or tips not mentioned which you feel would be of benefit to share with the rest of the community, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below.

Thanks to @dabheberden for his technical review of the talk and the folks over at @internetarchive for hosting the extra video streams. I would also like to thank Matt Baker for his excellent performance post which provided great reference for some of the slides in the presentation.

Update: Some readers have been asking about a text version of the presentation to be made available. If you're looking for text tips I recommend checking out Matt's great article as some of the tips are mentioned there quite well but I'll be working on getting out a text version of some of the rest of the tips in the next few days.