Getting Involved With Open-Source In 10 Minutes (Podcast)

Today I'd like to talk about how you can involved with open-source, making the web a better place and standards. Interested? Hit the shiny play button below (or click here for a high-quality SoundCloud stream).

I haven't podcasted for quite a long time, so please let me know if you have any feedback (or questions). If however your ears are close to exploding, I'm sorry!. You can make the web a better place by not dying on me. Thanks!.

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    • Hey Stuart. It looks like SoundCloud is being (very) slow today. I've updated the post with a direct link to the play page in case anyone else has the same issue.

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  2. Thanks for your prospective on the open source community. I am always a bit baffled by how to get involved with github. I see lots of projects and I use some of the tools, but not being a master programmer, I don't always feel that I can contribute anything more than bugs that I find.

    • You'd be surprised just how useful even reporting bugs can be :) . I like to think of the open-source community as some sort of giant, wonderful hive where we're all able to do our part, regardless of how small, in contributing back. Without bug reports, library authors/contributors wouldn't be able to ensure erroneous behaviour is patched for everyone else, so keep doing that!. In time, when you're ready, you can always do more!

  3. So the general gist of this talk is putting your unique talent into the project. For example, if you're more of a designer, you could create a nice website, and make nice artwork, if you're a coder, improve the existing code, or if you're a good writer, make better docs. All very good advice.

    My only issue with this approach is some open source projects only focus on the code, and couldn't care less about some hot designer wanting to improve their site. could be an absolute beast design if it wanted.

    A good logo, and a glossy web 2.0 button on the frontpage does not a good website make.

    • You'll be happy to know that our design team at jQuery have been working hard on a new layout for all the jQuery projects (core, UI, mobile etc) and (in my opinion) the design that's going to get rolled out sets the bar quite high. We're hoping to release it in the next few months so watch that space!.

      You're absolutely right..there are OSS projects that just don't grok the importance of a well designed site, but there are solutions to that: if someone was to create a better looking website for them in a fork and showed it to the community, they could then let the project maintainers know whether or not thats the direction they'd like the site to take. Progress in these areas is definitely possible, even if it can take time.

  4. I've been thinking like forever that I should contribute back to the Open-Source community, but the fanciest thing I've contributed as of yet is a translation of walking-papers into Swedish :)

    My problems with doing Open-Source is a) I'm clumsy (Like checking in the settings file with FTP & SQL passwords) and b) Working way to often way too late (like between 9am to 9pm next day).

    I guess I'm a bit afraid of showing that I'm human, and that I too can make mistakes and blunders.

    Anyway, I'm working on a larger project right now that is meant to be released as Open Source; And large it is 😀

    (Or, at least the goal is large. I've only worked on it for a few weeks, in between when time for it arises)

    Regarding documentation, I'm partically bad at writing specifications — I've solved that problem by essentially working backwards.

    I begin with writing the manual/README — then I make the thing match the README only to find that there is quite not much point of writing a spec. xD

    Another way I've thinking on like forever, is that I have knowledge about very many topics; So I should really do a “School”-section on my homepage. But, I'm really not a top-notch writer or partically good at learning someone something new that ain't already involved in a topic.

    I will spread your words the very least, and we will se what happens to the rest.

    (Also don't write a comment here before you've logged in to some of the things — luckily, I write most of my comments in my text editor)

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