Developers creating JavaScript applications these days usually use a combination of patterns like MVC/MV*, modules, widgets and plugins for their architecture.Whilst this works great for apps that are built at a smaller-scale, what happens when your project starts to grow?

In this talk, I present an effective set of design patterns for small, medium and large-scale JavaScript applications. You’ll learn how to separate concerns, keep your application logic decoupled, build modules that can exist on their own or be dropped into other projects and scale your applications to minimize any breakage in the user experience.


The slides for this presentation can be found over on SpeakerDeck. I'm also happy to recommend Michael Mahemoff's 'Web-First Design Patterns' slides for follow-up reading and of course, Nicholas Zakas's 'Scalable Application Architecture' talk.

Video 1/3: Architecture For Small-Medium Size Apps (23 mins)

Video 2/3: Writing Modular Code (16 mins)

Video 3/3: Patterns For Large-Scale Development (33 mins)


It's important to stress that there are many ways of building large-scale applications. The approaches mentioned are but one that have worked for a number of large sites. Developers have also successfully crafted non-trivial solutions using everything from Dojo to Backbone.js, so do make sure to research your options before committing to any patterns or frameworks.