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jQuery contextMenu (fork)

This is a fork of the jQuery-contextMenu plugin which includes a patch to support the native contextmenu support found in the Firefox nightlies (FF8) as well as a test to check if native support for contextmenu is available. Given that FF are the only browser to currently support the HTML5 contextmenu natively, I feel it's important that a polyfill handle it as well as the original specs.

Original project summary

The contextMenu Plugin was designed for web applications in need of menus on a possibly large amount of objects. Unlike implementations as a beautiful site's or trendskitchens' this contextMenu treats the menu as the primary object. That means, that a single menu is defined that can be used by multiple objects. Unlike the mentioned plugins, contextMenu doesn't need to bind itself to triggering objects. This allows injecting and removing triggers without having to re-initialize or update contextMenu.

contextMenu can provide a simple list of clickable commands, or offer an in-menu form. This makes very simple attribute modification possible. See the input example.

Once a menu is registered, it cannot be altered. That means no commands can be added or removed from the menu. This allows contextMenu to keep a single definition in memory, which enables it to work with hundreds of trigger objects. contextMenu knows the two callbacks show and hide which can be used to update the state of commands within the menu. This allows en/disabling commands, changing icons or updating the values of contained <input> elements.

And, yes, the icons provided in this demo are taken from a beautiful site, as well as some implementation ideas…