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Learning JavaScript Design Patterns - An Updated Free Book For Developers

February 26, 2012

Over the past year or so I've been actively trying to encourage more developers to invest time in learning about the benefits of design patterns and how they can be applied to JavaScript. To help with this, I wrote a book on the topic which I released for free.  This week a new version of it is available to read online and includes lots of updates and a few new sections.

The book can be viewed here: http://addyosmani.com/essential-design-patterns

I've had a number of readers get in touch about ePub/Kindle/other formats of the book and I'm currently working on these. Because the content is being updated every week or two, we'll probably need to get a build process in place to automate the book conversion but I'll announce on Twitter as soon as formats can be downloaded.

A Physical Version Of The Book

Update: Version 1.5.x of the book and above are available in either online form to read for free or via O'Reilly if you'd like to pick up physical or eBook formats of the book. The latter is a lot more visually pleasing than the PDF/eBooks I used to generate and I hope this combination of free or purchase options satisfies most readers needs. 

The really smart folks over at O'Reilly Media have been talking to me over the past few months and I'm happy to say that Learning JavaScript Design Patterns is going to be one of the physical books I release this year. Something we're doing a little differently with the books I write for O'Reilly is that we're keeping them completely free and open-source so anyone can grab the latest copy online at any time. You'll also have the chance to support the book and future updates via a paid version in the future if you would like.


One thing I hope comes out of this is that if anyone in the community notices a section of the book that could be improved (whether it be a typo, a grammatical issue or just something that could be done better) all I ask is that you let me know so that I can address it for a future version. I'm more than happy to accept feedback via the comments below or via the issue tracker on GitHub.


That's it. I hope that the book comes in useful and helps encourage you to explore the wonderful world of design patterns just a little bit further. Again, feedback is always welcome and appreciated!.