Weekend Posts & Videos For jQuery Developers (4/1/2011)

Hey guys. It’s been a great week for jQuery and with the 1.5 milestone now out, I wanted to share some useful links, articles and videos to help you get the most of this release (and jQuery in general).

Some of the stuff I’ll be personally checking out this weekend is a more in-depth look at deferreds (new to 1.5) as well as some of the great talks from last year’s jQCon which were just released.

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jQuery 1.5 Articles, Resources and Videos

Using Deferreds with jQuery 1.5 – a great in-depth article by Eric Hynds with jsFiddle examples: remember to take a look at Julian (jaubourg)’s comments below the post as they contain further demos of deferreds in action.

How can you use jQuery Deferreds? Some short digestable explanations and examples from Stack Overflow if you’re completely new to them.

jQuery 1.5’s new jQuery.sub() feature explained in 10 Minutes (jsFiddle demo included)

Boris Moore’s jQuery Script loader that uses the new 1.5 dfds features

Testing your Web Application with QUnit and JQuery 1.5

A VisualStudio VSDoc for jQuery 1.5

jQuery Mockjax 1.4.0 is now out and supports jQuery 1.5


Recommended Articles

An Open Letter To jQuery Plugin Authors – best practices you shouldn’t ignore

jQuery Mobile 1.0 Alpha 3 has been released with significant improvements

An interesting jQuery-based HTML5 microdata browsering/detection script

A tutorial on converting jQuery code to a plugin (good for beginners)


jQuery Conference Boston 2010 Recommended Videos

If you’re like me and you didn’t get a chance to attend the jQuery Conference in Boston last year, you can now watch or download videos of almost all the talks.

Note that because of the angle the talks were recorded at, you can’t actually see any of the slides (just the speakers) but each one contains a link to their correspond slide PDFs so you can follow whats being presented.

Below are the talks I’ve been watching or intend to see this weekend.You can either watch them online, stream to mobile or download for later. Enjoy!.


Watch: Building Extensible Widgets (Scott Gonzalez) or  [Download]

Watch: jQuery’s Best Friends (Alex Sexton) or [Download]

Watch: Contextual jQuery (Doug Neiner) or [Download]

Watch: Building distributed JavaScript widgets with jQuery (Ben Vinegar) or [Download]

Watch: jQuery In The Enterprise (Dave Artz) or [Download]

Watch: jQuery(“#knowledge”).appendTo(“#you”) (Mike Hostetler) or [Download]

Watch: Super Awesome Interactions With jQuery (Matt Kelly) or [Download]

Watch: Test Driven Development for jQuery Plugins (Paul Elliott) or [Download]

Watch: Introduction to jQuery UI (Elijah Manor) or [Download]

Watch: Theming jQuery UI like an Aristocrat (Chris Bannon) or [Download]

Watch: jQuery Effects – Beyond The Basics (Karl Swedberg) or [Download]

If you’re interested in getting involved with the jQuery project, also check out this talk by team member Ralph Whitbeck on getting involved.

For the full list see

Other Recommended Videos

How Good C# Habits Can Encourage Bad JavaScript Habits by Elijah Manor – a recording of his online webinar.


Thats it! I hope at least one of the links I’ve shared comes in useful. Remember that if you think this post would be useful to others in the community, the best way to help them see it is by clicking on the retweet button. Good luck with your learning this weekend!.

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