Tooling For The Modern WebApp Developer – Video From DotJS

The video from my DotJS talk in Paris is now up. I hope it's useful. In it I walk through how to performance profile your apps using DevTools Timeline and the Heap profiler, debugging your mobile apps using Overrides, sexy SASS Source Maps, snippets, a live reload editing workflow with the tools and a few other juicy tips. Slides are also available.


  1. Awesome talk! Thanks for building all these great features for us. I’ll definitely be using the Timeline more aggressively from now on

  2. Addy is there any command to set breakpoint from Chrome Developer Tools console. I’m debugging 5,8MB js produced by emscripten (js impl. of oggenc) and I would like to set breakpoint on line 9724. Navigating in such large file is very impractical. I wish I could do: setBreakpoint(9724); from console.

  3. Great talk, Addy. One issue I want to take up with you and Paul Irish, however, is your unbridled evangelism of Chrome Canary. I have really enjoyed some of the features you mention (and more), but I have also lost valuable time troubleshooting what I thought was a strange bug in my code or WebKit, only to discover it was a Canary-only bug. Sure, it’s fixed the next day (usually), but this doesn’t make up for the lost time and frustration. Then there are other more obvious things. Recently, for example, we couldn’t click between dev tool tabs. One day the tabs were gone and all I could see was console. For at least a couple of weeks now, sites take dramatically longer to reload with dev tools open than they do with dev tools open in Chrome stable. I’ve tried to make Canary my default dev browser but it’s just not conducive to high-intensity dev environments and deadlines.

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