Tooling For The Modern WebApp Developer – Video From DotJS

The video from my DotJS talk in Paris is now up. I hope it's useful. In it I walk through how to performance profile your apps using DevTools Timeline and the Heap profiler, debugging your mobile apps using Overrides, sexy SASS Source Maps, snippets, a live reload editing workflow with the tools and a few other juicy tips. Slides are also available.



The Breakpoint with Paul Irish and Addy Osmani: Episode 1

The Breakpoint Ep. 1: Chrome DevTools with Addy Osmani and Paul Lewis

In this first episode of the The Breakpoint – a new show dedicated to developer tools and time-saving techniques—Paul Irish and I talk about Yeoman and new experimental features in the Chrome Developer Tools.

We also have special guest Brian Ford from the AngularJS team joining us to take you through how to rapidly build Angular apps with their Yeoman generator.

I know I'm a little late sharing this on the blog, but thanks to 10,000+ people that have been watching.

The Breakpoint will be returning for it's second episode on November 1st.