The Breakpoint: Episode 3 – DevTools Source Maps, Shortcut Secrets And JSRun

The Breakpoint Ep 3: The Sourcemap Spectacular with Paul Irish and Addy Osmani


In this episode, we take Coffeescript to JavaScript to Minified and all the way back with source maps. In addition to a new Coffeescript source map workflow, we cover the latest sourcemap updates so you can understand how to dramatically improve your debugging experience.

We also take you through a number of Source (and other panel) shortcuts for searching, filtering Continue Reading →



The Breakpoint: Episode 2 – SASS Source Maps, Feature Inspection And More.

The Breakpoint Ep. 2: Chrome DevTools with Paul Irish and Addy Osmani

I and the (real) Paul Irish return for the second live episode of the Breakpoint – a new show focusing on developer tooling and workflow. In this episode we show you brand new SASS, feature inspection and console features in the Chrome Developer Tools. If you want your to stay on the bleeding edge of tooling, you won’t want to miss it.