Rendering Performance Case Studies (G+, Flickr And More)

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Miss my workshop at Velocity Europe? The slides are now up!. These days our users expect smooth scrolling, buttery smooth animations and interactions, especially on mobile. We need to start caring about not just how quickly our sites load but also how fast they run and are painted to the screen.

In my workshop, I walk through how the browser turns the DOM into pixels on the screen, a workflow for finding and fixing rendering bottlenecks and real-world case studies of Flickr, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter Bootstrap and a number of other sites.

I hope you find them useful!.

Huge thanks go to Paul Lewis, Paul Irish and Jake Archibald for all their fantastic work in this area over the past year.


  1. Thanks a lot for this. This along with your other recent (and some not-so-recent) writings has helped me size down a very large interactive project page from first render times of 3 seconds to nearly 1. Each change after that is fast as well now.

    • That’s fantastic to hear. Is the project you’ve been working on public? Either way, I’m humbled that any of the recent writings and talks have helped you bring down your render time :)

  2. Hei Addy,

    thanks for sharing the slides and all the insights.
    I already saw a tweet that the recordings of the talks (Velocity Conf 2013) are already up, but I could not find yours, is that coming?


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