Reddit AMA: Ask Addy Anything


As a writer and developer, I take a lot of pride in anything I publish or release that helps make other developer's lives a little bit easier. 

I thoroughly enjoy sharing knowledge and I'm happy when people come up to ask me questions at conferences about how they could improve what they're doing. 

To help reach the wider community, FITC have asked me to do a Reddit AMA (Ask me anything). 

As long as the questions aren't 'Will I ever give you up? Will I ever let you down? Will I ever run around and desert you?', this should be a bit of fun and hopefully useful for those with technical questions ; – )

To give you a guide, some of the questions I'm regularly asked include:

  • How do you decide on what framework or toolkit to use when you're building a project? Dojo? JavaScriptMVC? Backbone?
  • How would you recommend keeping your skills up to date given the fast-paced nature of our industry?
  • At what point should I be questioning whether I've chosen the right architecture for my ever-growing app?
  • How do you keep up with getting involved with open-source around a full time job?

You can ask me anything at all. It can be technical (about JavaScript, HTML5 or otherwise) or something more personal.

The Reddit AMA can be found here.

The deadline for submitting questions is February 6th and I'll be recording a video with my answers shortly after. Feel free to ask ask ask away!

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