Use Your Terminal From Inside Chrome DevTools


I just wrote an article for HTML5Rocks on a new DevTools extension that allows you to use your terminal directly from inside Chrome. This is a huge milestone for in-browser productivity tooling and compliments our recent Workspaces feature, which makes it possible for the DevTools to effectively be your editor.

Some of the things I’ve enjoyed using the extension for include:

  • my git workflow (clone, add, diff, commit, push etc.)
  • managing dependencies with npm and bower
  • curl, grep, vim, nano, ssh
  • starting new projects with yeoman, building with grunt

For more info on features we’ve added to Workspaces in the last month, check out Deanna’s DevTools write-up from November.



Browser-Sync: Sync Scrolls, Clicks, Forms And Edits In Multiple Browsers For Free

I recently wrote a guide on tools for synchronized cross-device testing; useful when you’re targeting the multi-device web. One of the tools I didn’t come across at the time was Browser-Sync, which has an impressive feature-set and works across all platforms. We’ll talk about it today.

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Mobile Web Development Tooling (Slides)

Screenshot 2013-11-23 at 1.45.12 PM

In my mobile web dev. tooling slides, we dive into the options available today for cross-device development, testing, and performance evaluation of multi-device webapps. Understand how best to develop with immediate feedback from the mobile devices you’re targeting, scale up complexity to avoid hard performance decisions later.

We also review all the possibilities of device testing locally and in the cloud. You’ll walk away with a solid overview of the landscape of mobile web tooling and feel confident returning to your projects.
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