Yo Polymer – A Quick Tour Of Web Component Tooling

web component tooling

In the HTML5 Rocks write-up and videos for my talk “yo polymer”, I walk through Web Components – an exciting new set of web platform features that will change the way you build apps.

We’ll look at Polymer – a library for using them in modern browsers today (including new <x-mileycyrus> and <jukebox> tags!) and Yeoman – modern tooling that can help you rapidly build new apps using these technologies. Set aside a few minutes, grab some pop-corn and learn how to create your own custom elements.



Full-Stack JavaScript With MEAN And Yeoman



A trend proliferating amongst prototypers in the Angular community is full-stack JavaScript development via the MEAN stack.

The acronym stands for: (M)ongoDB – a noSQL document datastore which uses JSON-style documents to represent data, (E)xpress – a HTTP server framework on top of Node, (A)ngular – as you know, the JS framework offering declarative, two-way databinding for webapps and (N)ode – the platform built on V8’s runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications.

Supporters of the stack claim the use of JavaScript all the way down increases productivity and it’s hard to dispute that this notion is pretty appealing. You get consistent models across the stack and consistent best practices in many cases too. Continue Reading →



Use Your Terminal From Inside Chrome DevTools


I just wrote an article for HTML5Rocks on a new DevTools extension that allows you to use your terminal directly from inside Chrome. This is a huge milestone for in-browser productivity tooling and compliments our recent Workspaces feature, which makes it possible for the DevTools to effectively be your editor.

Some of the things I’ve enjoyed using the extension for include:

  • my git workflow (clone, add, diff, commit, push etc.)
  • managing dependencies with npm and bower
  • curl, grep, vim, nano, ssh
  • starting new projects with yeoman, building with grunt

For more info on features we’ve added to Workspaces in the last month, check out Deanna’s DevTools write-up from November.