Front-end Choice Paralysis

Cross-posted from my article on the Pastry Box

A problem we regularly face in this industry is an abundance of choice. We have a plethora of tools, frameworks, languages, abstractions and platforms. Choice is ultimately good for competition and innovation, however when faced with too many choices, we can feel paralysis. Rather than making a choice we feel frozen and alone with the indecision of having too many options in front of us. This isn’t necessarily an industry problem — it’s a human problem.




Video: Componentize The Web! talk from LXJS

Web Components are ushering in a HTML renaissance, encouraging us to think about how we can bring back the declarative simplicity of HTML to the components we write today.

Learn how Custom Elements, Shadow DOM, HTML Imports and Templates can help you stay productive and build elements that are (potentially) more maintainable and more encapsulated than the models we have today.

In this talk we’ll do a whirlwind tour of Web Components, Polymer and Material Design.