More Lessons From A JavaScript Code Review

Before we start, I’d like to pose a question: when was the last time you asked someone to review your code? Reviewing code is possibly the single best technique to improve the overall quality of your solutions, and if you’re not actively taking advantage of it, then you’re missing out on identifying bugs and hearing suggestions that could make your code better. 

None of us write 100% bug-free code all of the time, so don’t feel there’s a stigma attached to seeking help. Some of the most experienced developers in our industry, from framework authors to browser developers, regularly request reviews of their code from others; asking whether something could be tweaked should in no way be considered embarrassing. Reviews are a technique like any other and should be used where possible.

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  1. Veeeeery useful article ! I use jQuery a lot and must admit I don’t pay enough attention to writing “clean” code… shame on me! But this article has really given me the will to change that and pay attention to “details”. Thanks a lot!

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