Modern JavaScript Development: Boris Moore talks jQuery Templates

Hey guys. Today, with the help of friends in the JavaScript and jQuery Communities I’m happy to announce the start of a series of easily digestable videos called Modern JavaScript Development. 

The idea behind these videos is that in a relatively short space of time (5 minutes all the way up to 30), a developer will teach you about a popular tool or project they’re working on and explain both the benefits of it and how you can get started with it in next to no time. 

I really want to encourage the community (especially the beginner and intermediate groups) to start using modern tools in their projects and this seems like another useful way to help lower the barrier of entry on that.

To that end, I’ve been speaking to developers in over 30 well known projects over the past few months and we’re going to do our best to keep the flow of videos for MJD as constant as possible. Do let us know if they help!

Our first contribution comes from Boris Moore, a Microsoft developer who is also the lead dev on the jQuery Templating plugin.

MDJ: Boris Moore Talks jQuery Templates (6 minutes)

Watch the full-size video Modern JavaScript Development: Boris Moore on jQuery Templating on Vimeo.

Templates Repo:
Templates API:
More on Boris Moore:
Thanks to NickolasM for help with the intro.



    • JavaScript based templating of any kind might be considered SEO unfriendly, however it's useful to remember that templating is most useful when you're working with dynamic data (eg, pulling in information from a third party API based on some user interaction). If SEO was of concern, one could of course use progressive enhancement fallbacks instead so that if JavaScript was switched off (or a bot was crawling your page) equally as useful data could be obtained.

    • I think more can be said to this. Specifically for websites using templates, I think its crucial to SEO and usability that templates never be rendered exclusively on the client side. However, web applications gain much from this approach where data comes from API hooks on the server and renders very quickly on the client.

      So yes, bad technique for websites, but excellent for web applications. Down with storing markup in variables and ouputting concatenation!

      • Couldn't have said it better, Tim. When a balanced approach is taken to this and it's primarily used where it offers the most benefit (as you correctly mention, web applications) client-side templating has a lot going for it.

  1. I use this plug-in and IMHO it's very useful for data driven websites. You can combine it also with the new beta jQuery data-link plug-in. Therefore you can use it for a kind of monitoring stuff.

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  3. I found this very useful for constructing data dynamically for table. Where can I find other video about the Modern JavaScript Development?

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