Big news! I’m joining Google.

Some exciting news to share today! I'm joining Google as a Developer Programs Engineer on the Chrome team.

I'll be lucky to join an incredibly talented team of developers including Paul Irish, Eric Bidelman and Paul Kinlan (to name but a few), working on developer relations. <3

My role will involve evangelising HTML5, Chrome, Chrome OS and everything that falls under the web platform. My main focus will however be technical writing, helping to further developer education through articles, talks, tutorials and guides. In addition to the above topics, I'll also be writing more about application architecture, which is an area I'm very passionate about :  )

I'd like to thank my amazing team at AOL for a fantastic year. It's been an honour being a JavaScript and UI Engineer in European Products and Innovation (EPI) and I can't recommend working with them enough. If you enjoy hacking on Backbone.js and other frameworks, feel free to get in touch about applying for a role on the team.

For now I'll continue to be based out of London but may consider moving out to Mountain View sometime in the future. 

My move to Google will be happening over the next 6-7 weeks in between wrapping up work on two books, FITC Toronto and some OSS projects. There are some busy but very exciting times ahead : )

I plan to continue being active in the JavaScript community, helping with the jQuery project, TodoMVC, writing polyfills and generally assisting wherever I can.

Finally a huge thanks to Paul Irish, Peter Beverloo and my wife, Elle for their help and support throughout the past few months.

I of course couldn't have got here without the support of everyone who has read and shared my posts over the past few years, so thank you to you all too!


  1. oh here’s the comment form (just posted on Facebook too!)

    Congrats Addy – my friends at Zagat also joined Google recently. But watch out for the Mozilla Foundation, great keynote by Mitchell Baker at Drupalcon today!

  2. Congratulations Addy. Great news. I always love and enjoy your technical articles. Please keep that work going as that helps many like me :). Great job again.

  3. Congratulations Addy! Also, thank you for all the articles you’ve written over the years and good luck at Google.

    • Thanks Mathias!. I’ve always wanted to have a chance to write for a larger part of my day and I think this is finally going to be the opportunity I’ve been waiting for to do so. Very excited about it <3

  4. I thought you were already at Google.

    anyway, Congrats man….

    I am closely following all dev rels @ Google.
    Looking forward to great stuff for Chrome and the Web Standards.

  5. Addy- that’s awesome!! Not very surprised to see a talented guy join the ranks of Google. Pretty cool to work alongside Paul Irish!! Best of luck.

  6. Congratulations! Google keep getting the good stuff. Please, please, please don’t let this be your last post here.

  7. Congratulations! I was wondering why are you not at Google yet :) I always admire your work and you deserve to be in the biggest of them all. I hope you will bring even more to the web community.

  8. Congratulations, sir! I hope you could take this chance and share with us other fantastic experiences when working with JavaScript in Google.

  9. @KCJ Thank you! I certainly shall : )
    @Mano I look forward to it too! I see you’re one of the maps advocates. Awesome!
    @Mohammed I’ll be making sure to step up my efforts a few notches. Don’t want to dissapoint ; )
    @egiova, @Gorn, @Hwansoo, @fmvilas, @Raj You’re too kind. Thanks.

  10. Excellent news indeed! Congrats and “muchas felicitaciones!”
    I always read what you post and write, and it’s QUALITY everywhere. Thanks for sharing all that, I hope that now you can have more time and access to keep filling us with that knowledege in the excellent way that you present them. And now I seize the oportunity to thank you for that.

  11. Congrats Addy! I’m great follower of your article which is high quality. I appreciate your interest of sharing your learning…Keep doing!

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