JavaScript 101 – A Free 10 Hour Audio Course On JavaScript Fundamentals


Hey guys. Today I’m happy to announce the release of a free 10 hour downloadable JavaScript audio course for beginners called JavaScript 101. This is a course you can listen to at your own pace and covers many core JavaScript fundamentals ranging from the basics to syntax, objects, ajax and it also includes an hour of training on jQuery.

JavaScript 101 is perfect for anyone wishing to brush up on their JavaScript skills (or learn it afresh) and is made possible thanks to the brilliant Dr. Tony Pittarese, an assistant professor of Computer and Information Sciences at East Tennessee State University.

At ETSU Tony teaches a course on Advanced Web Development that includes a semester on JavaScript –  if you’re interested in JS and are looking at colleges at the moment, I strongly recommend checking it out. Tony was kind enough to give me permission to take the recordings of his lectures and turn them into something you can study offline.

This week, I’ve edited all of Tony’s lectures to focus on the content that’s important to you and created a release which includes all of the lecture slides from his course and the exercises too, so you can just a lesson and go through it as if you were sitting in one of his classes.

I’ve also recorded an intro to the course that will give you some tips on why its important to learn JavaScript as well as how you might go about expanding your knowledge on it using this course. Hope it helps!

The course download pack contains:

  • The 10 hour course in MP3 format (separated into lessons)
  • The lesson slides in PDF format
  • The course exercises 

If you would like to download the 415mb course right away, please select one of the mirrors below.



Updated Disclaimer (3rd December 2010): Please note that there are aspects to this course which one may consider dated with respect to best practices. Specifically, the course mentions references to document.write() and new Object() (amongst other minor things) which are generally not recommended, as used, by the community.  I strongly recommend that where these are encountered, acknowledge their use by the course, but try not to use them in your own projects. The release’s readme file covers this in more detail.

Tony and I are excited to hear what you think of the course and we hope it comes in useful. If you’ve enjoyed this release, please feel free to share it with your friends and colleagues by clicking on the retweet button. Thanks and good luck with the course! – Addy


  1. Hi_Addy

    Thank you very much for your full tutorial on javaScript

    I have needed something like this for a while

    Let’s hope this will solve all my questions on javaScript



  2. Sound like a awesome resource. Any way you could throw up a sample or let me download in smaller pieces? No need to tax your servers before I know I really want it. Cheers!

  3. Hey, man!

    I've been soooo all over the place that I haven't had a chance to do much more than look over the headlines of your posts as they come into my inbox. This one, however, was too cool to pass up… what a good find! I'm gonna pass this along to a few people :)

    Hope your well, dude!

    • Hey! Good to hear from you. I hope that things are going well. Glad that you stopped by for JS 101 – hope it comes in handy for whoever you're sharing it with :)

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  5. WOW! I'm wanting to get a strong grasp of vanilla javascript before I conquer jQuery. This is really amazing. I can't believe this is free! THANK YOU to you and the Professor!

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  10. Very good course, I found it very usefull and in my case not only to improve my know in javascript even in English too. Thanks for share it and I'm waiting for the rest :D. Cheers from Argentina.

  11. Very interesting development. I have been using flash for audio manipulation for years now and while it works great, alternative approaches such as this one always are welcome. I realize that the API is still in an instill phase, but is there any news on participation from Microsoft and Opera? I can imagine a lack of interoperability could be the consequence of having a complex specification like this, with use-cases which aren’t relevant to most of the Internet right now..

  12. Thank you very much for sharing! Thanks a TON :-) Its been very helful, useful and invaluable piece of training material on Javascript.

    Thanks Again :-)

  13. I found Free 10 Hour Audio Course very useful to me as it has a lot of information's on java script and web development. And I would like to share peoples that i found courses and training on web design and Php training course given by Indus Net Academy also very useful.

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  15. what 'textbook' does the Dr keep referring to during his lectures and, in ajax tutorials, where are the Fig.9.`s that are being talked about?

  16. For anyone that hasn't been able to access this today, the links weren't down – the new site layout doesn't support the older download buttons so a temporary fix has been applied to sort that out and ensure they're visible. Please try again :)

  17. Hi, just letting you know the downloads are currently unavailable… hope they get uploaded again as I’d like to access the materials :-)

  18. Trying to keep my daily javascript learning up, I will be on the road tomorrow and dont’ want to lose momentum – so this will fill in the blanks.

    Thank you!

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