Data-binding Revolutions with Object.observe()

object observe

A revolution is coming. There’s a new addition to JavaScript that’s going to change everything you think you know about data-binding. It’s also going to change how many of your MVC libraries approach observing models for edits and updates. Are you ready for some sweet performance boosts to apps that care about property observation?

Okay. Okay. Without further delay, I’m happy to announce Object.observe() is landing in Chrome 36 beta. [WOOOO. THE CROWD GOES WILD].

Object.observe(), part of a future ECMAScript standard, is a method for asynchronously observing changes to JavaScript objects…without the need for a separate library. It allows an observer to receive a time-ordered sequence of change records which describe the set of changes which took place to a set of observed objects.

To read more, see my complete deep-dive on O.o() over on HTML5Rocks.

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  1. I hope Backbone.js and Ember are getting obsolete!

    With wrapper objects we lose native connection with the plenty of Javascript libraries built to operate on plain objects.

    Once Object.observe lands on all browsers, I think most people will be more than happy to go back to using plain old JS objects.

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