Building Mobile JavaScript WebApps With Backbone.js & jQuery: Part I

Welcome to Part 1 of a two-part tutorial on building complete mobile web applications in JavaScript using DocumentCloud's Backbone.js, jQuery Mobile and LABjs.

In Part 1, I'll be covering a complete run-down of Backbone 0.5.2's models, views, collections and routers but also taking you through options for correctly namespacing your Backbone application. I'll also give you some tips including what scaffolding tool that can save time setting up your initial application, the ideal number of routers to use and more.

We'll then build a testable wireframe of our application in jQuery Mobile before we complete building it in Part 2.

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  1. nice post this what i need now… pls addy how can i make my data drop into table without the user refresh gmail style thank. may a tutorial will be cool.

  2. Could you address how to use Backbone.Router with JQuery Mobile beta 2? I have tried a variety of different ways and none seem to work.

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