1. Great video Addy, Yeoman looks like a great tool (although I’m a little in love with Codekit right now)

    How do you see Yeoman fitting in to a collaborative web app that you might have on GitHub or similar? We’re building something at the moment and i’d love to use this as part of the workflow, it would be good to hear your thoughts on how it might help out with multiple contributors.

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  3. Hey Addy,

    Very cool video and its short, I installed yo, when I try to run *yo webapp* it throws an error saying “You don’t seem to have a generator with the name mocha:app installed.”

    I tried *npm cache clean && npm install -g yo generator-webapp* to fix the issue, but still I’m getting the same error again. Help!

  4. When I bower install a new JS library e.g. lodash, is this added automatically to my gruntfile so that it becomes minified when i build? Does it add a link to CDN version if it’s available? What’s the best way to do this?

    As a side question, in the context of using yeoman for angular apps, i noticed that when creating routes, it also created a separate controller and view. What is the best way to create angular apps with multiple views under a single controller, multiple controllers having access to multiple views, etc. Is starting with the generic scaffolding and customizing it the best way to go?

  5. Awesome video and workflow tool. How do you see this fitting into bigger web applications or ecommerce applications?

    We have been playing around with Grunt JS at work – this looks pretty cool too. The built-in server looks like its only useful if you are building a HTML/JS app – if other languages are involved then its a bit trickier, right?

  6. Hey Addy,

    Currently having issues with running the webapp command. Apparently it doesn’t like npm v1.2.11 and you need to downgrade to v1.2.10 and have node v0.8.20, but I can’t find a solution how to downgrade anywhere. May be useful to include somewhere. Cheers.

    There’s an issue posted on github https://github.com/yeoman/yeoman/issues/929

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